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ERMANI hiper-50SA


Parameter name:


Pressing pressure, up to (tons)


Hydraulic system pressure: working / maximum

16 / 20

The diameter of the main cylinders, 2pcs. (mm)


Machine dimensions, weight:

Length, Width, Height (mm)

Mass (kg)





Quantity of products in one cycle: (brick / paving stone)

2 / 2 

Duration of one cycle, from (seconds)


Productivity, to:                                                                    length - width - height (mm) *

brick LEGO                                                                                     250х125х65-88-100

standard brick, one and a half                                                          250х120х65-88-100                 

Paving stone                                                                                     200х100х20-100 

                                                                                                 * Product height adjustable

      pcs / shift                      m3

            1920                      3-5-6

            1920                      3-5-6   

            3840                      64 м2


Electric motor power (kW) working / maximum

4/ 8

The minimum number of staff, people


Operation mode:

Loading the mixture into the chamber


Product molding


Output products

From working area

Construction equipment for the production of all types of brick forms, including LEGO bricks. The multimatrix system includes the ability to complete the machine with other forms: Paving tiles, facade tiles and other types of building material.

Hydraulics assembled from components of European quality, as well as the main hydraulic cylinders are made of Italian rods and sleeves. Hydraulic cylinders are made without welding seams.

Below you can see the standard parameters of the hydraulic press. And at the request of the customer, you can upgrade the equipment with additional options.

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