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The first machines were produced in 2012. Our production company was the first in the CIS to start producing presses for the production of LEGO bricks.

ERMANI HIPER-20SA in the configuration:

LEGO brick - classic hollow
Brick LEGO - groove
Brick LEGO - half
Paving slabs "Brick" 100х200

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Especially for a client from Romania ERMANI HIPER-80AT in the configuration:

LEGO brick - classic hollow
LEGO brick - decorative (for split)
Brick LEGO - groove
Paving slabs "Brick" 100х200

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Customer from Palestine:

ERMANI HIPER-80AT in the configuration:

LEGO brick - classic hollow
Brick LEGO - groove
Brick LEGO - half

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This type of LEGO brick differs from the standard one, where there are no grooves on the sides and in the center.
These grooves are provided for a more reliable tie between the bricks when it is laid on the mortar, as the mortar fills these grooves - brick walls will be reliably protected from unforeseen through-slots.


Specially designed for our client:

ERMANI HIPER-80AT in the configuration:

Paving slabs - "brick 100х200"
Paving slabs - "the old city"
Paving slabs - "rhombus"
Paving slabs - "double T"

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With the automatic backfill function of the second color layer

Today, we are the only ones in the world that offer this feature for hyper presses.

- The main advantage of this production technology of paving slabs is - regulation of the height of the product: from 15 mm to 80 mm, and higher under the order. Using one form.
- And also there is no need to spend money on wooden pallets, since the products can be removed and dragged.
- The form on a hyper press - is durable. No need to replace with a new one after several years of work. Special steel is used for the manufacture of molds, which is wear-resistant, as well as undergo additional temp.

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Specially designed for our client

ERMANI HIPER-40AT in the configuration:

Brick LEGO
Paving slabs "Brick" 100х200

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