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ERMANI - bricket - hydraulic press, universal. For the production of briquettes, small tablets for various types of products: feed, medical, fuel, technoplankton. Also: reinforcement clamps - below, you can see product information.
On this model of the machine it is possible to produce the following products:
- pressed coal (for hookahs, gratra)
- pills for rodents (poison)
- pills (medical)
- plankton for fishing (technoplankton)
- briquetted salt (for baths, feed)
- fuel briquettes (from wood shavings, dust)
- reinforcement clamps (concrete)

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ERMANI - bricket

Photo of technoplankton produced at ERMANI bricket machine:





You can watch other videos at the following link:

Performance calculation:
on the example of technoplankton F 35.

ERMANI hiper-40AT , ERMANI hiper-80AT

Number of pieces in one cycle: technoplankton

8 / 14

Duration of one cycle, (seconds)


Productivity, pieces / hour

1440 / 2520


Photo tablets (poison) produced on ERMANI bricket:


 Performance calculation:
on the example of poison for rodents F30. (tablets)

ERMANI hiper-40AT , ERMANI hiper-80AT

Number of products in one cycle: tablet

9 / 18

Duration of one cycle, (seconds)


Productivity, pieces / hour

1620 / 3240


Photo of concrete clamps (for fittings) manufactured by

ERMANI bricket:

gallery/concrete fixtures for fittings_3
gallery/concrete fixtures for fittings_9


Examples of concrete clamps for reinforcement Ф ~~

ERMANI hiper-50SA , ERMANI hiper-80AT


Under the order we will produce any type for your size.

gallery/concrete fixtures for fittings_7
gallery/concrete fixtures for fittings_8

Concrete reinforcement clamps significantly outperform similar plastic clamps in all respects. They are designed to hold the rods in a stable position, ensuring the height of the concrete protective layer set by the building regulations. Unlike plastic clamps, they do not break under the load of reinforcement; they are very well suited for use in heavily loaded concrete structures.

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