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ERMANI hiper-20SA - hydraulic press, universal. For the production of small-sized concrete products by semi-dry pressing.
On this model of the machine it is possible to produce the following products:
- Solid
 brick, hollow brick, LEGO​​​​​​​ brick , figured brick.
- Paving slabs: square, brick, rhombus, "double T" and other types on request.
- Front tile.
- Clamp of fittings.



Parameter Name:


Pressing pressure, tons


Hydraulic Pressure: Nominal / Maximum (MPa)

18 / 22

Diameter of general cylinder (mm)


Dimensions of the machine, weight:

Length, Width, Height (mm)
Weight: (kg)

1400 - 900 - 1920



Number of products in one cycle: brick / paving slabs

1 / 1

Duration of one cycle, (seconds)


Productivity, pieces / hour


Electric motor power, (kW) working / maximum

3 / 6

Operation mode:

Loading the mixture into the chamber:


Product pressing


ERMANI hiper-20SA

Examples of products manufactured on ERMANI hiper-20SA:

The frame of the ERMANI hiper-20SA equipment is compact and does not require additional assembly work on the client's premises. Just connect the 380v cable to your shield. There is no need for additional costs to start the equipment by our specialists.
Compact, simple and reliable.

ERMANI hiper-20SA - for those who want to start a new business at low cost. Try a new type of equipment or a new market, while risking a small investment.

Examples of forms that can be manufactured on ERMANI hiper-20SA equipment:


You can watch other videos at the following link: